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First, I ask you to think about why you want to.
So you want to talk...
First, I ask you to think about why you want to...

Did I upset you?

I want to start by saying I respect that you are feeling what you are feeling, and nothing I am about to say is meant to diminish or dismiss that. I have never been able to fully wrap my head around this phrase, but the things I post on this website are "my truth." I am not perfect. I am not the smartest. I have blind spots. But I always try to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday, and most of the time I am. I enjoy learning and like to remain open to learning opportunities, but it requires a lot of trust.

I respect that not everyone will see things the way I do. It would be scary if we found ourselves in a place where we all agree. But I do have a lot of apprehension about interacting with people on the internet. It is why I have turned off comments. People can just get very mean, and while I don't take the meanness personally, every vitriolic comment is a reminder of how awful we really can be to each other, and that is not something I like being reminded of.

That being said, there very likely will be moments that some feedback could be helpful. 


If an opinion I have upset you, have you asked yourself why you feel that way? Am I, a stranger on the internet, really the source of the emotion you are feeling right now? I didn't make you read it. Maybe you believe my opinion, when held by enough people, can be dangerous. That means if you stomp out enough opinions you can stop the spread like a camp fire on a windy night. But we both know opinions aren't extinguished through stomps. Or maybe it gives you a jolt of pleasure. Or maybe you have a quota. My point is that maybe there is a way you could deal with that feeling that leaves me, someone with very little do do with your condition, out of it.

Did you like it?

I am really, really glad something I wrote brought you feelings you enjoyed. Nothing brings me more joy than touching someone in a meaningful way through sharing my observations of the world. But sometimes my brain does things I do not understand, and I don't always take praise well. I am ashamed to say how skeptical I am of praise. I am working on it, but I am not there yet. So if you liked it and wanted to tell me, why don't you share this with someone else you think might enjoy it, or, even better, find a way to fire off your own authentic beacon.

Still ready to hit send?

As of writing this in May of 2023, the form below is not "hooked up" to anything. I am not sure when, or even if, I will make it functional. Even if I do hook it up, I don't know how often I will check it. Even if I do check it, I am not sure how often I will open any. Or how often I will read the ones I open, or respond to the ones I read. Like I said, sometimes my brain does things I don't understand.

After reading all of that, if you still strongly about reaching out to me, I look forward to hearing from you!

Fire away!

Thanks for submitting!

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